Church Based Leadership Development

We Develop Leaders Within the Local Church Who Are as “Well-Balanced” as They Are Passionate!

Build and Train Leaders Within the Local Church with the Unbridled Skies Flight Plan

Discuss Your Flight Plan

Everything starts with a conversation. Chatting with your senior leadership team helps us gain insight into your organizational structure, goals, and objectives.

Execute Your Flight Plan

Contrary to our example of a flight journey to a destination, your journey never really ends. Your leadership challenge is to choose to begin a fascinating journey that never has to end.

Develop Your Flight Plan

We will help you decide what mentoring options that best fit your organization and helps you reach your leadership goals.

We're There Every Step of the Way

We’ll help you develop a “Leadership Flight Plan” from takeoff to destination – flying as your wingman until you ready to Solo on your own.

“Each meeting I walk away from leaves me feeling focused on the important things in life. The Unbridled Skies team has continually inspired me to do things with eternity in mind.”

– Evan Twyman

Nat Millican, Unbridled Skies Founder

About Unbridled Skies

In 1998 we began a leadership mentoring program called LAPFA (Leadership Authority Prayer Finances and Accountability). Over the past 17 years, hundreds of young leaders have benefited from this balanced approach to develop servant-leaders. Our mentoring process seeks to harness the unbridled potential that God can deliver.

As a result, we now call this Vision — UNBRIDLED SKIES. Serving around the world, OUR CREW has helped young men and women become well-balanced leaders in a myriad of professions — from pastors to missionaries to pilots to salesmen.  The Vision of Unbridled Skies is Not Just to help young leaders improve their own leadership skills, but also to encourage these same leaders to mentor other younger leaders.

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