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    Providing leadership development and theological education programs to help pastors worldwide develop effective leaders in the local church.



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    Mission of Unbridled Skies

    Our mission at Unbridled Skies is to provide leadership development and theological education programs to help pastors worldwide develop effective leaders in the local church. In addition, we assist humanitarian efforts where those efforts will enable our leadership development and theological programs to continue and prosper.

    We don’t have “cookie-cutter” programs - we specifically design programs to target the audience in front of us! We interview leaders with “feet-on-the-ground” to design a program that will address targeted leadership and theological challenges. Our encouraging interactive format will be unique for every retreat, seminar and coaching session.

  • Our Services

    We use Seminars, Retreats, and personal Coaching to provide Leadership Development and Theological Education programs and training. Designed for those in or being prepared for church leadership roles, including pastors, elders and deacons.

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    Our Retreats allow leadership teams to step away from day-to-day operations to surface issues with focused discussion, build relationship and develop skills.

    All Unbridled Skies Retreats begin with an overview of the 10 leadership principles from our "Well-Balanced Leader" curriculum.

    Then, our team specifically targets the principles highlighted during pre-Retreat interviews.

    Therefore, no Retreat is the same – all are unique!

    Duration: Typically one to multi-day event(s) based on the needs of your leadership team goals.

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    Our Seminars provide a focused agenda. Seminars offer a ½ day or full day program to address 1-3 principles in smaller, more interactive sessions.

    After an overview of the 10 principles from our “A Well-Balanced Leader” curriculum, Seminar attendees choose Breakout Sessions covering specific principles. Each attendee could attend 2-3 Breakout Sessions. Seminars can also be used for strategy development:

    • Define the challenge and brainstorm solutions
    • Research a “short-list” of possible solutions
    • Identify people and resources for Execution Team
    • Discuss and determine next steps

    Duration: Typically a single event or scheduled as a series of events.

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    Typically our coaching services occur after an Unbridled Skies Retreat or Seminar, when a pastoral leader requests follow-up coaching for themselves or a member(s) of their Leadership Team.

    Some of the attributes of Coaching:

    • Confidential or limited report back to supervisor
    • Target specific needs of the one being coached
    • Small-group - a pastoral, elder, deacon team
    • In-person or online video (Zoom, Google, Whatsapp, Signal, etc video options)

    Duration: Best to have a defined Beginning, a specified Duration and a Defined TAKEAWAY Goal.

  • Our Team

    Learn more about the leadership team behind Unbridled Skies.

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    Nat Millican

    Executive Director & Founder

    Unbridled Skies, Inc

    • Leadership Training
    • Coaching – individual and small-group
    • Mentorship program development
    For nearly 40 years, Nat has mentored hundreds of young leaders who are serving in a myriad of professions from pastors to business owners. After graduating from the Air Force Academy in 1976, he spent 20 years serving in the US Air Force.


    The leadership challenges during peaceful humanitarian to combat arenas came quick, with consequences. During that time, he completed three Graduate Degrees from three different colleges – Mississippi State University, Naval War College (DG) and Salve Regina University. Following his US Air Force retirement in 1996, Nat began a 23-year career at UPS as an Airline Captain on the B-757, B-767, A-300, and MD-11. Tracy and Nat have been married since 1979 with 2 sons, 1 daughter, and 7 grandchildren.
    During his 43 years of flying, Nat found his passion to be mentoring young men. Nat has personally mentored and helped launched over 300 young men into leadership roles in the church and many, many equally important roles outside the church. In 2018, Nat chose to retire early from UPS to begin Unbridled Skies, Inc. and now serves as the Executive Director for Unbridled Skies.
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    Dr. Jimmy Scroggins

    Board of Directors

    Unbridled Skies, Inc.

    • Senior Pastor, The Family Church, West Palm Beach, FL
    • Conference Speaker
    • Multi-Campus Ministry
    • Church Planter Development / Pipeline
    • Multilingual Ministries
    • Biblical Counseling

    Jimmy is the lead pastor of Family Church, where he has served since July 2008.  Prior to Family Church, Jimmy served as the teaching pastor at Highview Baptist Church. Jimmy earned his PhD and MDiv from Southen Baptist Theological Seminary and also served as the Dean of Boyce College from 2004–2008.


    Jimmy is the author or co-author of multiple books including, Turning Everyday Conversations into Gospel Conversations and Full Circle Parenting.


    Scroggins and his wife, Kristin, have eight children and two grandchildren – James, Daniel, Jeremiah, Isaac, Stephen, Anna Kate, Mary Claire, and Caleb.

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    Dr. Nathan Millican

    Board of Directors

    Unbridled Skies, Inc

    • Lead Pastor, Graceland Church, New Albany, IN
    • NAMB, Senior Director for Church Planter Development
    • Church Planting pipeline, processes
    • Team Leadership 

    Nathan serves as the Lead Pastor for Graceland Church. He received his Doctor of Ministry in Biblical Counseling and his MDiv from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky. He also earned a MA in Secondary Education, from the University of Kentucky.


    Additionally, Nathan serves with the North American Mission Board (NAMB) to assist with NAMB’s process to identify and develop church-plant pastors for the future.


    Nathan and Lauren have three daughters Luci, Lydia, LJ and a son Samuel.

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    Micah Millican

    Board of Directors

    Unbridled Skies, Inc.

    • Executive Pastor, Northside Church, Alpharetta, GA
    • Former Senior Director for NAMB Church Planter Development
    • Teaching Pastor, Adult, College, Student and Children Ministries
    • Church Planting pipeline, processes
    • Team Leadership

    Micah serves as an Executive Pastor at Northside Church in Alpharetta, GA. Micah previously served as the Senior Director for North American Mission Board (NAMB) where he began his passion for growing the local church. Micah transitioned from the (NAMB) position out of a pure desire to serve in the local church and put into action many of the programs he helped develop at NAMB.


    Micah and his wife Laurie both serve at Northside, where Laurie serves as the Director of Women’s Ministries. Micah and Laurie are the parents to three young boys Daniel, Luke, and Caleb.

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    Dr Aaron Filipone

    Board of Directors

    Unbridled Skies, Inc.



    First Baptist Church, Indian Rocks, Largo, FL

    • Multi-campus oversight experience
    • Church planter pipeline / process / training
    • Mentorship programs

    Dr Filippone recently joined the staff at First Baptist Church Indian Rocks in 2022, transitioning from The Family Church, West Palm Beach, Florida. Aaron had joined the staff at Family Church in 2010 and his duties included Campus Pastor and oversight of their extensive multi-site campus ministries across South Florida.


    Aaron now extends his leadership to a vibrant, growing First Baptist Church Indian Rocks on the Gulf coast of Florida. Aaron’s experience in multi-site campuses, all aged-ministries, shepherding and teaching will be crucial to many.

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