10 Principles: Becoming a Well Balanced Leader

The Becoming a Well-Balanced Leader principles briefly explained on this page are the “nuts and bolts” of our mentorship framework. A myriad of methods, not limited to those explained below, can be used to arrive at your desired state or as we like to say: destination.

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Integrity. Integrity must be the foundation of all principles that follow. Integrity provides a beacon to decision-making and leads to the wisest decisions.

Knowledge. Knowledge is crucial to developing wise decisions. Leaders indeed must take risks, but they must neither gamble nor guess. When knowledge is lacking–the leader must know where to go.

Wisdom. Wisdom uses knowledge and chooses with eternity in mind. A leader must foresee results before others do and remain on the honorable path to success.

Communicate. A leader must efficiently communicate above reproach. Intentions do matter to God. However, people react to “perceptions,” not intentions. Leaders must communicate what they intend…and know when they do not.

Vision. A vision must challenge and inspire performance. Envision a legacy, then live your life in reverse. What must you do next to stay on course?

Authority. A leader must respect and honor his or her authority. This respect means the subordinate leader must be able to follow his or her leader proactively–preventing poor leader decisions by knowing when to submit and when to appeal.

Mentor…then…Empower. A leader must first mentor then empower–reverse the order at the unit’s peril. A leader determines the necessary skills for each position within the unit, and then correctly trains each member before they are empowered. A healthy risk-taking environment is paramount, or initiative will be scarce.

Shepherd. Only a “shepherd mindset” enables the leader to truly accept ownership of all things necessary to lead the team through life’s minefield.

Introspective. Finally, a leader must keep an Introspective outlook on the past, present and future. Certainly, mistakes will be made. In fact, make mistakes early and often– just not the same ones! God does not want to waste pain. Learn from the mistakes of others…and your own.